Training activities in Bucharest high schools

When you start the new year 2022 along with 8 classes of students from Bucharest, you will do well all year round

“The two days spent with the 8 classes at the Mihai Bravu Technical College were full of youth, flora and fauna species, a deeper understanding of the protected area, games, activities, connection and visualization, starting from one’s favourite animal, to a protected area created by the youth teams, and then on to the ridges of Piatra Craiului via virtual reality and sharing personal experiences, setting new directions and wishes.

Not only were the young people interested in participating in the next stages of the project, but they also set out to go mountain hiking, to do a good deed for nature, or to turn off the tap water when brushing their teeth. These are actions with a short-, medium- and long-term impact.”

Trainer Mihaela Mariș