Training activities in Târgu-Jiu și Bumbești-Jiu high schools

The high school lessons continue!
“The workshops held in the 4 high schools in Târgu-Jiu and Bumbești-Jiu reconfirmed to me the increased interest that young people have in everything that means nature, nature protection, protected areas, the flora and fauna in their area. Through the answers provided, through their active participation in the workshops, through the problems and solutions identified, the students have shown that they are not indifferent and that they would like to be more involved in the protection and conservation of protected areas.
The workshops were designed to challenge adolescents to take a critical look at the human intervention in protected natural areas and at the same time to give them the opportunity to propose solutions to the problems identified.
Students worked in small groups, watched VR videos, used the Menti platform, learned more about the role and importance of protected natural areas in their area, and evaluated the workshops. The most active and passionate students will have the opportunity to be part of the Youth Advisory and Scientific Councils of the administrations of the protected areas in their area, respectively of the Jiu Gorge National Park.”

Trainer Marian Ancuța.