The last camp for the students of T. Mitropolit Ioan Metianu High School, Zărnești

The last camp of the project „Activating future leaders for nature protection” , took place on August 14-18, 2023, in Tușnad. Dedicated to the students of T. Mitropolit Ioan Metianu High School in Zărnești, they, together with other students from Hațeg and Brașov, benefited from days full of education for nature, through play and cooperation, guided by our trainers – Elena Lupoaea-Petrea and Alexandru Bulacu.

Games of interknowledge, valuable information about protected areas and what they, the young people, can do to better understand the needs of society and nature now. What they can do in the future. One-day-trip to Lake St. Anna and Tinovul Mohoș Reserve and meeting and discussions with the director of this reserve. Public debate. Teamwork. And many other interesting things happened during these sunny days in Tușnad.

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