Interview and visit of students from Bucharest in Comana Nature Park

The visit of students from Mihai Bravu Technical College from Bucharest to Comana Nature Park was about experiencing and learning, directly in nature and from the specialists who work, day after day, with nature conservation actions for the benefit of all.

We started Activate Future Leaders for Nature Protection as a national case study of environmental education, where young people are the main protagonists.

Also, we – Propark-Foundation for Protected Areas – have in our strategy that through the experience gained, through the activities done since 2021 and even through the fact that we have trained these young people – to give support to the administrators of natural areas in Romania – in terms of their own education programs.

We are glad that over the years, a lot of amazing people joined our programme, because they want to make this contribution to raising awareness, nationally!

Thus, in partnership with Robert Diaconeasa – – we want to reach as many young people as possible with this information: that it is extremely important to get involved in various actions to learn and support nature, for the good of all.

During this field trip, the students were coordinated by George Moisescu, Ecological Education Officer of the Comana Nature Park Administration.

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