The project “Activating future leaders for nature protection” – continues in high schools

During the summer of 2022 we were on the field, together with the students from the selected high schools that are part of  the  „Activating future leaders for nature protection” programme.

Together with their teachers and our trainers – in the thematic camps, we have prepared an innovative education programme on the importance of nature conservation in the context of climate change.

The next stage of the project is to prepare these young people (from the 6 initially selected high schools) as future leaders in nature conservation.

Thus, they will be involved in decision-making processes related to the protected areas under their care, by forming teams and setting up 5 Advisory Councils and 5 Scientific Councils, managed by them, for each protected area.

They will have the support of specialists from the national or natural parks, in which they are affiliated through this project.

They will also form a Cabinet of Youth Environmental Advisors. Through this, the students will propose decisions and draft legislation.

Young people will learn through direct practice on topics of greatest interest to the selected protected areas, in order to find real and effective solutions to the problems these areas face.

We believe in the mission of this project, which is really starting to train, in a variety of ways, those who can be leaders in the field of nature protection.


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