ESCAPE TENT – the nature education and activity tent at the Green Cities Forum, Brașov

ESCAPE Tent – activity and nature education tent, within the Forum of Green Cities (FOV) – Brașov 2023 –  is the tool developed in the project „Activating future leaders for nature protection”, the tool we used at the event Education and Activism for the Urban Nature of Brașov City.

ESCAPE Tent is a team game where participants are challenged to solve a series of tasks in order to reach a goal. In the “escape room” concept, the objective is to find the solution to exit the room. In the “escape tent” concept the objective is to get out of the tent to find the natural elements with which you can save Planet Earth.

How we used it and promoted it, at FOV Brașov:

–  Recommended for children aged 9-14, including their parents;
–  Duration of a complete game: 1 hour;
–  Tasks are nature themed: food chain, animal diet, tree species, etc.
–  Objective of the game: collect the seeds that will save the planet;
–  Knowledge objectives:
Bear diet
Species in national parks
Diet of some birds

ESCAPTE TENT was very popular with both children and adults who were curious enough to participate themselves.


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