Advisory and Scientific Council – at “Mitropolit Ioan Mețianu” High School in Zărnești

Through the project “Activating future leaders for nature protection” we reached the “Mitropolit Ioan Mețianu” High School in Zărnești.


Together with Renate Cornici-Dan from Propark-Fundatia pentru Arii Protejate were Andreea Kurta – ranger at Piatra Craiului National Park and the coordinating teacher from the high school – Ciprian Glogojanu. Tthe students discussed the importance of protected areas in their area and why it is vital to preserve and protect nature.

Next, the students will form two groups representing the two Youth Councils – Scientific and Consultative – of Piatra Craiului National Park and will work on one of the difficulties faced by the park administration: wildlife-human coexistence.

Through these activities with students from the 6 high schools in Romania involved in the programme, we continue the project “Activating future leaders for nature protection” – being part of our management approach strategy, namely: support for national and nature parks in Romania in increasing the capacity of nature education programmes.


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